Supervision Department:

Registers schemes and licenses services providers and, thereafter supervises their management to ensure their compliance with the Retirement Benefits Act and Retirement Benefits Regulation requirements through risk based supervision.

Research and Strategy (R&S) Department:

Undertakes research, collects and analyses data for purposes of providing informed strategic policy advice geared towards the development of the industry. The department also facilitates preparation of the Authority’s strategic plan and performance contract and monitors their implementation

Legal Services Department:

Provides legal support to the Authority on matters regarding all laws, enforces compliance, sanctions prosecutions of parties that breach the retirement benefits laws, provides legal interpretation and legislation drafting for the Authority and performs Board Secretarial services.

Human Capital and Administration (HC&A) Department:

Handles human resources and administrative related issues such as recruitment, human capital development and capacity building, staff welfare, maintenance and logistical services.

Finance Department:

Handles all the finances of the Authority. It receives   revenue, pays expenses, administers the payroll, accounts for assets, invests on  behalf of the Authority and coordinates and monitors the Authority’s budget. 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department:

Manages all information and communication systems and provides user support and training on hardware and software for the Authority.

Corporate Communications Department

The Corporate Communications   Department carries out the Authority’s public education, event management,  promotes a strong RBA brand while sustaining good stakeholder relations through effective communication.

Internal Audit and Risk Management Department

Internal Audit and Risk Management Department provides independent and objective assurance and consulting activity aimed at adding value to improve the operations of the Authority.  It is also aimed at assisting the Authority in accomplishing its strategic objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the Authority’s risk management, control, and governance processes.

Procurement Department :

Deals with the procurement of goods and services for the Authority.

Market Conduct Department:

This Department handles Consumer education including member education and retirement planning, Consumer protection including receiving and processing complaints from schemes and scheme members, and Governance of the Sector.